Business Plus Account

Reward your customers or staff with cash back

Business Plus Account holders benefit from all the features of a standard Business Account, plus the ability to reward customers or staff with cash back offers.

Reward your customers or staff with cash back and voucher codes

We can provide a customised white label cash back or voucher code site for your website, intranet or customer login.

Staff or customers can view cash back and voucher code offers from top brand and stores, plus any cash back earned with a co-branded RewardPay Account.

Benefits for customers or staff:

  • A personal RewardPay Account
  • Cash back on hundreds of top brands and stores
  • Ability to view cash back earned on transactions

Features for Businesses Plus Account holders:

  • Online reporting of real-time activity
  • Summary of transactions by brand and store
  • Breakdown of transactions by staff / customer ID
  • Ability to download reports to view activity
  • Access our API for advanced reporting

Payment Service Features:

The default payment solution is PayPal, where customers or staff can withdraw cash back confirmed and paid into their account.

Alternatively, Business Plus Account holders can withdraw cash back on behalf of customers or staff and deposit cash back directly into their accounts.

RewardPay is working on integrating with Open Banking to ensure consumers can transfer cash back directly to their chosen bank account.

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