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RewardPay blogs are the perfect assortment of life-savings hacks, secret deals and unknown facts about the most-coveted brands in Singapore. We compile everything you need to know about an online retailer, a luxury brand or sale events that are waited anxiously throughout the year.

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What if you are somebody who likes to refurbish from time to time, it can be in terms of gadgets, vehicles, clothing, or food. Budget inconstancy is something you might be suffering from, how about the impression of 'Save your pennies, nickels, and dimes and you’ll have dollars in no time.' Saving probabilities can be encountered on our website because after all, you gotta save yourself from spending extra for something which can be obtained at a very less price. 

Cost-effective prices on your favourite brands and tags is not a myth anymore, as they can be detected only at our website. There are numerous advantages of signing up on at RewardPay, few are posted underneath of course - 

  • Hassle-free Purchasing - At RewardPay Singapore you are going to find extensive options of savings and easy processings. No more trafficking the search engine as we are the one-stop destination for you.
  • Reasonable Pricing - Online shopping has no doubt taken a front seat in one's heart, as one no more has to bargain and negotiate with the cost prices.
  • Cash back Facility - The Cash back reward program is provided on all the purchases that are inaugurated through RewardPay. Sign up and collect your cash back when shopping online and get additional discounts and deals.
  • Save your Precious Time - No more hovering on the websites that can actually destroy your precious time, get onboard with RewardPay and save your money before paying more than required.
  • Prime Merchants - RewardPay is a hub for all the retailers that provide the branded attires and classiest refreshments and food. No more sauntering around and seeking for the quality that can be found in the list of topmost merchants on our website. 

Who we are?

The services of RewardPay is not limited to only Singapore but is widely appreciated by the citizens of more than 20 countries. The countries we are active in are Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, UK, and Vietnam. The reason behind this universality and appreciation from thousands of brands is the honesty towards the customers.

Discounted deals cannot be proven lie and the cash back off course can be collected once the buyer decides to click on the option of free sign up. We provide the list of promo codes, coupon code, voucher codes, and discount codes on the offers launched by the retailers. Timely updates and daily reviewing the needs of our users is the part of the topmost priorities that we have listed down.

Besides, we got our sign up plans for three types of users, personal account holder, business account, and account for influencers. Fantabulous, right?  Choose your preferred account type and join us to save the time and money which once wasted cannot be bought again.

How to earn Cash Back From RewardPay?

Attaining cash back is not at all a difficult task, as RewardPay is one of the top cash back websites. All you gotta do is make the finest decision of preserving the time and funds that shouldn’t get wasted if not used in the best way. There is a simple procedure, as we focus on making our user's life easy and better. Make sure to follow the steps that are listed underneath and bring out the best deals and cash back bonuses in your favour. 

  • Click and visit the RewardPay website of Singapore.
  • You will find the user-friendly interface of our website offering lots of options of savings for you.
  • Foremost click on the 'Join Now.'
  • You will find kind of an online form which will be asking for the Name, account type (personal, business, and influencer), valid email address, password and country.
  • Fill in the details accurately to avoid any kind of future distraction or confusion.
  • After registering yourself, browse for your favourite stores or merchants, or click on the category you are aiming to purchase from.
  • Purchase from your desired retailers via our website and designed offers and get cash back from our cash back stores for sure.
  • Cash back will soon be credited to your RewardPay account.
  • You can transfer the collected cash back in your PayPal account.  

In case of any difficult circumstances contact us, as we are available to provide you with incredible services. 

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